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The transparent documentation of all services provided and all work steps has top priority at Arcqus. A standardised documentation and reporting system guarantees that you are always fully in the picture from the order confirmation to the final reporting stage and are able to follow every step at all times. The documentation and reporting system at Arcqus comprises five elements.

Order confirmation

The start of our work together is also the first documented activity.

Testing and work schedule

After placing the order, your testing and work schedule is handed to our inspector. This schedule gives you and our staff information about the product, the sequence of the testing and work process, how to label OK and NOK parts plus additional notes on the subject of occupational safety.

Identification marks

In order to be able to clearly identify our work processes during each stage, we have set up three phases. Each phase gives transparent information about what status the work process is in.

Inspection report

The inspection report gives you a complete final overview of the work procedure. It provides detailed information about the test date, part names, part numbers, quantities tested, reworked parts and OK parts.
As required, information such as delivery note numbers, pallet numbers, production numbers and production date can be added to this report.


Our services are transparently presented every day according to customer requirements. Starting from the order confirmation to a testing and work schedule, as well as inspection reports through to the final reporting stage, Arcqus ensures absolute transparency by means of a standardised documentation and reporting system.