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A comprehensive range of services

Arcqus offers you tailored services performed by qualified staff. Whether it involves supporting a firewall, carrying out goods inwards and outwards checks, retooling and retrofitting work or project management – Arcqus is the right partner when it comes to quality.

Project management

• Module production at individual locations in Germany
• Conducting supplier audits
• Supporting sampling processes from OEMs or their supply businesses
• Initial sampling in start-up management
• Electro Static Discharge (ESD) -> Advice on staff training, help with implementation and audits with efficiency control

Engineer and resident activities, consultancy

• Flexible and technically versed staff with a great wealth of experience from the fields of automotive engineering and automotive suppliers
• Resident activities at suppliers to the automotive industry
• Process-oriented consultancy for production lines on the shop floor using CIP (continuous improvement process)
• Advice in the quality improvement/planning/APQP field
• Advice on residual dirt analysis with well-founded knowledge of VDA 19/ISO 1632
• Advice for screws and screw connections, conducting defect analysis, assessing surface faults

Warranty and guarantee management

• Analysis of defective parts in warranty claims
• Objective reporting
• Storage or intermediate storage of defective parts
• Preparation of the necessary guarantee notifications

Logistics and rework areas

• Rework areas found at the Arcqus branches create the ideal conditions for providing the services
• Short reaction times in case of required measures – for example, goods inwards and outwards checks
• Short routes for JIS suppliers

Testing, sorting and reworking

• Complaints processing, problem identification and analysis of faulty components
• Implementation of corrective measures in consultation with the customer
• Functional test of components and systems
• Sorting out or reworking NOK parts and agreeing further methods of procedure
• Processing transport damage
• Preparation, documentation and reporting
• Goods inwards and outwards checks
• Surface tests, reworking faulty components from the areas of shell construction, pressing plant and paint shop if necessary
• Coordinating and sometimes taking over logistics procedures
• Dealing with hybrid technology

Furthermore, the services performed by Arcqus always include transparently documenting the services provided. From the order confirmation to a testing and work schedule, as well as clear identification marks and inspection reports through to the final reporting stage, Arcqus ensures absolute transparency by means of a standardised documentation and reporting system.